This bill has passed the House and it is now on its way to the Senate. According to the wording below, taken from the bill itself, it would allow employees to refuse any job function that conflicts with any of their personal religious beliefs…up to and including refusal to perform certain medical procedures. Some concerns expressed about this bill include the possibility that it would allow discrimination based in religious views, such as discrimination against homosexuals, and that it would reduce access to contraception and other necessary reproductive care.

From the text of HB 279:

As HB 279 HCS 1 does not exclude any government entity, the language would apply to all local government offices, but may particularly have an effect on locally owned, operated, or financially supported health care facilities in which any employee may claim the right to refuse some health care function because of religious beliefs, including participating in vaccinations, obstetrics and gynecology, end of life care, certain types of disease fighting treatments, or the dispensing of certain pharmaceuticals, and on local jail facilities that may have to accommodate a prisoner’s beliefs as it relates to dietary needs, or scheduling around prayer times or other forms of worship. Also, any local government employee who provides any form of food service may need to be accommodated so that the employee does not have to interact with certain types of foods that may be restricted by that person’s religious beliefs.

The full text of the bill may be seen here: HB 279

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