The Secular Humanist Helping Hands (SHHH), in association with the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, held a free “yard sale” for the residents of American Village in Shively on Sunday, May 18th!

Members of LAF and SHHH donated furniture, sheets and pillowcases, radios, alarm clocks, toiletries, and other necessities and comfort items.

From the meetup description:

We will be helping the residents of American Village in Shively complete their homes. American Village is an apartment building for the elderly and disabled on limited incomes. All of the residents are able to live independently within their own apartment.

For many of the residents, their homes do not have everything one would wish, so we are going to help them complete their homes. Please bring new and gently used items to help the residents finish their apartments. The residents live in 1-bedroom apartments with galley kitchens.

The SHHH volunteers and the grateful residents.