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Darwin Day 2017!

The KySS Darwin Day event will be on Sunday, February 26 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. Lee Dugatkin will be presenting on The Evolution of Goodness, Ed Hensley will be showing Evidence of Evolution for Non-biology Majors, and Laurie Tarr will be demonstrating “Kitchen Sink Science.” This is an all ages event, and there will be cupcakes. Please RSVP at Eventbrite if you plan to...

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Secular Secret Santa for American Village

For the holiday seasons, we’ve adopted 20 residents at American Village that don’t have family nearby. We’ll be having a party the next Sunday, December 11, to distribute prizes and share a meal. This meetup is to collect the personalized gifts that our residents have requested. We have created a registry of gifts requested: Please use this link to sign up for item(s) you will purchase for the residents. Please don’t wrap the presents. We will be collecting the presents ahead of time to wrap and label them and then bring them to the party. If you would...

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License Plate Update

Since our last post announcing our intentions to apply for an official Kentucky license plate, we submitted our application and met with the Transportation Department. Due to what we found out, we have withdrawn our application. There are two main reasons for this: An organization applying for a plate may not be involved in the promotion of religion or non-religion. KySS proudly supports atheist groups and the normalization of atheism in society, and this counts as the promotion of non-religion. There is a new rule requiring the name of the applying organization to appear on the plate itself. Our initial plate design does not follow this rule. This does not mean that we are giving entirely up on the license plate. We are going back to the drawing board, adjusting the plate design, and considering working with other groups. When there are updates we will post them here. Thank you for your...

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License Plates for Secular Citizens of Kentucky

Join the KY Secular Society for 2016 and help us show our numbers for the opportunity to get a license plate like the one above in KY! (The image has been removed by request from the KY Transportation Cabinet since the design is not yet approved.) In order to apply for the plate we need an advance commitment for 900 plates. If you can commit to ordering one of these plates were they to become available let us know in the comments! (To be clear, this is an unofficial gauge of interest, not an official survey.) EDIT: Several people have asked how to commit to purchasing a plate. At this point we are starting the application process, and after our application is reviewed we will have 2 years to collect the 900 required commitments. When we reach that point in the application process, we will post instructions here and on Facebook. Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm!   Your membership helps to support The atheists booth at the state fair and the KY Freethought Convention, and other events. Local groups including Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, Black Non-Believers of Louisville, Reasonable Living, Somethings Brewing, and other groups throughout KY. The fight against KY tax incentives of up to $18 million to Ark Encounter, and other church-state separation violations. Your donations are tax deductible. You can join online at and pay online though PayPal...

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