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Letter to Matt Bevin: Kentucky should not give tax rebates to Ark Encounter

Governor Matt Bevin 700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100 Frankfort, KY 40601   RE: Kentucky should not give tax rebates to Ark Encounter The Commonwealth of Kentucky should not give tax rebates of up to $18 million to Ark Encounter for the following reasons: This action would violate section 5 of the Kentucky Constitution and the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Answers in Genesis, Crosswater Canyon, and Ark Encounter have been created for the purpose of three corporations acting as one corporation that is both a for-profit and non-profit corporation. The legality of their arrangements must be investigated. Ark Encounter was dishonest in its 2014 Application for tax incentives and in correspondence with the Tourism Cabinet. Ark Encounter and Answers in Genesis have discriminated and will continue to discriminate in employment against anyone who is not a young-earth fundamentalist protestant Christian, including any old-earth creationist Christian. Ark Encounter promotes views on race that are scientifically inaccurate. Section 5 of the Kentucky Constitution states that “…nor shall any person be compelled to attend any place of worship, to contribute to the erection or maintenance of any such place, or to the salary or support of any minister of religion…” The tax rebates would come in the form of a check or bank transfer from the Kentucky treasury to an evangelical organization that will use the funds to proselytize. It...

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Membership Renewals

Please join or renew your membership in the Kentucky Secular Society (KYSS) for 2016. Your membership and other donations are tax deductible for the 2015 tax year if you complete your registration before December 31. Our Employee Identification Number (EIN) is 27-2311704. Please register or renew at Your membership will be valid for January 1 through December 31, 2016. The KYSS pays for Infrastructure of all our meetup groups (Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, Black Non-Believers of Louisville, etc) and websites (,,,, etc) State filing fees for KY Secular Society Post Office box for all groups The annual state fair booth The KY Freethought Convention Special events, such as Darwin Day, Gay Pride booth, Shelley Segal concert, etc Activism with Secular Student Alliances at KY Universities Coordination of efforts to protect church-state separation in Kentucky If you do not wish to pay $25, you can create an account at and register your Kroger plus with the Kentucky Secular Society. Kroger will give a percentage of the money you spend at Kroger to KYSS. Register at Your screen should include this when you are done. Organization Name:Kentucky Secular Society Organization...

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Darwin Day Celebration Feb 22

Who: Kentucky Secular Society, Host What: Darwin Day Celebration When: February 22, 2015, 1:00 – 3:30 Where: Sullivan University College of Pharmacy Why: Celebration of the birthday and accomplishments of the father of modern biology. The Kentucky Secular Society is pleased to announce a celebration of the life of Charles Darwin. The celebration will include the following activities: Cake decorating contest. This contest is open to any attendee, but is not required for attendance. Participants will bring a cake decorated in a theme honoring Darwin or the theory of evolution. Cakes will be judged by popular vote and committee....

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