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Hunden Report Reveals Ark Encounter Inflated Projections, Sharp Decline in Creation Museum Attendance in 2014

Who: Hunden Strategic Partners, LLC, of Chicago What: Application Review of Ark Encounter, LLC, for the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet reveals much lower attendance projections than those commissioned by Ark Encounter. The report also reveals a severe drop in attendance at the Creation Museum in 2014. When: Submitted to KY Tourism Cabinet on December 3, 2014. Legal department redacted some attendance figures for the Creation Museum since these could be used by competitors. Mailed to Kentucky Secular Society on January 8, 2014. Where: Ark Encounter is building a replica of Noah’s Ark near Williamstown, KY. Why: Ark Encounter has frequently projected attendance of 1.2 to 2 million per year. The Hunden report projects a first year attendance of 325,000, a peak attendance in the third year at 425,000, declining to 275,000 in future years. Ark Encounter recently lost its bid to earn up to $18.25 million in tax incentives due to its desire to practice religious discrimination in employment and the evangelistic nature of the park. Hunden Strategic Partners, LLC, of Chicago, recently completed a review of the 2014 application for tax incentives by Ark Encounter. This includes the first non-biased attendance projections of the 2014 proposal. Hunden made projections for two scenarios. Scenario A assumes a “mainstream approach to the attraction”, and Scenario B assumes a “more religious-based approach that may represent a specific viewpoint more...

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2014 in Review

Reason’s Greetings from the Kentucky Secular Society! Here is what KySS has done in 2014! Our efforts helped to expose the for-profit/non-profit shell game and religious discrimination in hiring behind the Answers In Genesis ‘ark park.’ These efforts have lead to greater scrutiny of the park by the Tourism Department of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the denial of AIG’s bid for up to 18 million dollars in tax incentives for the park. 2014 was our 5th year in a row at the Kentucky State Fair! This year we held a petition for fairgoers to express their disapproval of...

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