Here is a way to help build connections with other Freethinkers in your communities! If you would like to make yourself known as a secular citizen in your general area, please enter your first name or alias and your zip code in the form below. Your zip code will be used to mark your general location on our map.

Add yourself to the map!

The field for email is optional and will not be published publicly. Your contact information will be used only for communications from KySS and to help connect your to other Freethinkers in your area. If you see that another Freethinker in your community has marked their location, contact us and we will work to help you make contact with them. We will only provide your contact information to others with your consent.

Your participation in the Map of Freethinkers in Kentucky does not mean that you are a member of KySS and it implies no further commitment on your part.

Note: You will not see your pin immediately. The map auto-updates each 24 hours for new data, except when an admin updates manually.

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